Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Puxatony Phil Says So

I don't know if we jinxed the ski season with all our talk of and goal-planning for climbing; maybe we did. Maybe we pissed li'l miss Nina off with our chit chat of things to come in warmer weather when she wanted the show to be about big snow. Or maybe she just really prefers to play with the folks out East rather than us in the PNW. Either way, I don't mind. My skis are already back in the garage. Because, despite what the calendar says, it's spring. And it's time to go climbing. Puxatony Phil said so. I couldn't be happier if you wrapped spring up in a beautiful, lacy new brassiere with a side of wine and chocolate and a sexy sailor to go along with it too and sent me on my way. It's Climbing Season!!

Since my bud, Pux. Phil said it, and since we were both desperate to climb even if we didn't know it, today we kicked it off. The two solo's of Solo in Tandem officially have blood coursing through their climbing veins again. Halle-fricking-lujah.

Utilizing the amazing new bouldering area at my work, Outdoor Research, we maxed out; sweaty, with arm shakes kind of maxing out. It felt amazing; I haven't been this sore or in this good of a mood in too long. But it made me realize that, to reach the goals I've made for myself and committed to with Sara, I need to get diligent and busy about this training biz. Training for me needs to be laid out day-to-day and week-to-week. When I ran the Rock and Roll Marathon in '09, the keys to me crossing of that finish line were having a good training schedule and having a fantastic, encouraging teammate. And I already have the teammate. So tonight, I'm putting a training schedule together.

Having strength, skill, time and endurance goals along with cross-training will be key. I know there will be days that I don't complete my planned workout. That's ok. There will also be days that I'm so jazzed on what I'm doing, that I'll do more. Remembering to rest is another important part of the plan too. Time to get me on my feet and get focused.

Fueled by an invigorating, inspiring, and a "holy-crap-i've-missed-this-so-much" feeling, I'll be putting together my first "program" tonight in the Little Green House. I'm shooting for 4 weeks first, see how it starts and go from there. I'm a little nervous since I've never set out climbing training this specific before, but I'm excited. I'm excited to share them too and get feedback. (friends, I've just opened the door for ya, feel free to speak up and share your thoughts.)

Tonic with lemon is poured. Computer on (obviously). Queue Sex and the City Season 4 - its a great "soundtrack" for the background.

And I'm off!


  1. Great new blog! Good luck on getting shape. Weather here in the PNW is fickle. Just cause it's spring-like in the mountains doesn't mean the fat lady is finished singing. I'm just saying.

  2. Eh, one great thing about living here is you can climb rock any day in January or ski any day in July if you want it enough :)

  3. So true about our fabulous weather here in PNW. I was all ready for spring and then *bam!*, la nina gave us more snow. I'd say, our versatile weather is a lucky thing for us who like both skiing and climbing; we just have to be flexible about changing from bundled winter-wear to spring sun-worshipper-wear as soon as we walk open the door in the morning. You just never know what its gonna give you.

    Thanks, Kim and Laurel for checking Solo In Tandem out!