Thursday, March 31, 2011

And then there's the non-ass-kicking

Sara here.

I've been pretty mum, since ... well ... Teresa's been kicking her own ass, and I've been sitting. A lot. Writing, some... working, a lot... driving some... but definitely not kicking my own ass. This winter was an intentional time of "rest" for me... letting some injuries heal and stabilize, paying attention (for the first time in several years) to some nagging health things (I'm fine, never fear) and some nagging life things, and indulging my desire to improve my still nascent skiing ability. I've run enough to know I can still run... I've been climbing with Teresa and other friends to work my endurance a bit, but very low key... and I went out for my first shoulder season uphill hoof yesterday and my legs are still very much with me. My lungs and abs will come back, over the course of what looks to be a promising springtime of playing outside. My body has been at its peak of fitness for the last three seasons and this spring, it is not. But, it is healthy, and I am enjoying the play of playing outside instead of the work that's been associated with playing outside the last few years.

I don't have an ass-kicking program (though Teresa has inspired me to do a little more this winter than I would have otherwise)... for me, for the first time since 2009, this year isn't really about ass kicking. It's more about having fun. It's more about finding a place of maintenance, where I can feel both strength and flow (as opposed to the last few years, which have been heavy on the strength). It's about finding the body and pace at which I can look forward to years and years of climbing, rather than working for a body that will let me tick higher on the difficulty scale.

I am looking forward to hiking this spring... to the raspy breathing of pushing a little too hard and a little too fast uphill in the cold, crisp, wet air of the pacific northwest spring. I am looking forward to yoga, to help me maintain my flexibility and my connection with my ability to flow rather than exercising force. I am looking forward to climbing moderate routes with good friends, with whom I may not exercise the ideal style, but with whom I feel safe. I am looking forward to many days on sun-warmed rock with dips in the nearest river afterward.

The car is packed for a too-short trip to Bend this weekend. My fingers are crossed that the weather is a little better than we expect, but either way, we'll have a blast.

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  1. This post makes me smile. A lot. Thank you. I love the sentiment of "finding the body and pace at which I can look forward to years and years of climbing." *love*

    And say hi to Bend (and Kari) for me. :0) I can't wait to get there before too long.