Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Peanut Butter = Climbing Magic

Peanut butter - along with avocados and watermelon - deserves its own food group. I love the stuff. I'm a "grazer", my body functions better with snacks than with big meals and, while I hope to be babelicious on the beaches of Spain next month, I cant resist peanut butter ever, and especially not when I'm out on high-exertion outings. It sticks to my ribs, keeps me from bonking, and eliminates having to eat sugary processed foods. Here are two of my favorite home-made power snacks:

Date thingies
Loni's Date Treats (from a dear friend/kickass climbing inspiration. take one guess what her name is, smartypants)
* 3-4 dates
* Adams crunchy, stir-required, peanut butter (its magic!, has only a few ingredients, and doesnt contain partially hydrogenated oils like most already-mixed PB)
* Pecans

-Slice dates in half, lengthwise
-Spread a small, tsp-sized blob of PB into the inside "reservoir" of the date
-Break a pecan in half, lengthwise and press it into the PB. Voila!
-Store in a baggie or mini-glad tupperware
A bit of healthy sweetness and protein packed into nutty, long-lasting calories = yum

T's Balls of POWER! (shout it, you know you want to!)
* Packet of Jay Robb's chocolate protein powder (or whatever kind you like)
* Honey (i tried it with molasses cause i was out of honey last time; not bad, not great)
* PB (of course)
* Chocolate chips

One ball down, one to be rolled. Delish!
-Dump 1/3 to 1/2 of the protein powder on a plate
-Scoop a small tbsp blob of PB onto a spoon. 
-Use a finger to make a li'l dimple in the PB blob
-Squeeze a tsp dollup of honey into the dimple
-Smoosh 6-12 choc chips into the PB
-Fold outer edges of the PB around the honey/chop chip center so it makes a little ball
-Roll the ball in the protein powder
-Wrap it in a mini-square of plastic wrap
-Put it in a small, snack-sized baggie 
-Depending on the outing/trip duration...i'll eat 1/day on a rock trip, 2+/day climbing Rainier - these saved me on Rainier. Dump remaining protein powder in your oatmeal. 
-FREEZE YER BALLS! (this is key esp. if you're climbing in a warm place - it helps them keep their shape instead of becoming a mooshy - but scrumptious - mess) 
Packed with rib-sticking goodness; slow-energy-releasing protein and some fast-acting, natural sugars

(reposted from a full story on Outdoor Women's Alliance. read more there!) 

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  1. I realize this is an old-ish blog post, but I just had to let you in on my own findings with respect to Stuff You Can Pack Into Dates.

    Raw tahini (ground sesame paste) tastes AMAZING. Way better than PB.

    Almond butter, too, matches extremely well with medjool dates and seems to feel more sustaining than PB.

    PB has some inflammatory properties that hinder muscle recovery anyway.

    I like your protein ball idea. I would try and get more fat into it!