About Teresa & Sara

Here's a little bit of background on us, the #kickassgirls behind this project (and Maile the Great, who will be along for the ride). We met in the spring of 2010 (thanks, Fitz and Becca) and wound up housemates a couple of months later. After successful navigation of housemate life, we found ourselves nicely suited to playing outside together and the idea for this project was born.

This year's story won't be just about us, though -- between us, we've got an incredible network of women who will also be a party of our travels and adventures, and you'll get to meet them once we're on the road.

Teresa Bruffey
About ten years ago, I made a decision to solve a small problem that had a big effect on my life (sounds so dramatic, right?!). An irrational fear of heights was causing issues (I popped meds to fly without panic and it took all my courage to walk across a freeway overpass) and I just couldn't take it any more. My solution? Go to high places. Learn to climb. Do what I feared. So for Christmas that year, my parents gave me intro lessons at the local gym.

But let's back up a few years... I originally learned to love the outdoors through my mom and dad who took me on my first "camping trip" at the age of 6 months. But I didn't always love nature, bugs, or dirt and took a "recess" from the ages of about 14-20. Thanks to a boyfriend who reintroduced me to the woods via my first backpacking trip at age 21, I fell back in deep love with open spaces, the quiet of being far, far from pavement, with air I can breathe in, and mornings that begin when the sun lights up my tent.

One of the biggest compliments I've ever received was on a camping/bike tour with a best friend. A new friend we met on the beach called us priestess and said "girls who like to sleep in the dirt are sexy." Thank you, Ithaca John.

Since those early days of backpacking and climbing, my fear has become manageable, a successful trip is now one where I come back dirty, and my ideal Saturday starts around dawn with a backpack. All these experiences have brought the most amazing people into my life including my dear friend and Solo partner, led me to a great job and fun adventures. But...I also bake bread and have become quite efficient in home repairs. Moments watching my pup bounce through a meadow makes me giggle. And I love making my own Halloween costumes and I REALLY love watermelon.  I also write about other travels and adventures on snarkybumbler.blogspot.com.

Sara Lingafelter
I lived a very "normal" life before starting to climb in 2004. Dual income no kids, nice house, big yard, and corporate job.

Fast forward six years and I've got under my belt a divorce, a career change, my first of many Passport stamps, a healthy dose of heartbreak and learning and a smile that rarely quits. I rent a room in Teresa's house and know that everything I really need to be happy fits in a good backpack, and I'm surrounded by friends and family who bring an unfair amount of joy and love to my life. I may be "solo," but I'm less alone right now than I ever have been, and am looking forward to a year of playing outside in the way I like best: with my awesome girlfriends.

Teresa sometimes calls me "bold," but really, we're like close dots on the bold spectrum. Where I might be a bit more "bold" when it comes to some parts of my life, Teresa's helped nudge me through both a river forge and my first experiment with ski touring, when in both situations I would have turned around were it not for her coaching. I look forward to helping nudge each other through the next year, in little increments of mutual boldness.

I'm the writer behind rockclimbergirl.com and @theclimbergirl on Twitter, and I have an amazing day job as a Social Media Specialist for a great company in sports & outdoor. A catch-all about me is online at saralingafelter.com.

Maile the Great
I like chipmunks. I like my manfriends, including Christian and Phil. My favorite thing is my hedgehog, and snow. I sometimes Twitter.  Oh!  My other favorite thing is waking up after a car bivy, even though I really don't like waking up when I sleep at home.