ORShow: About Solo In Tandem

Every year, we have a few big ideas. But this year is special. This year, we’ve decided to tell the story of two girls calling bullshit on the idea that only extreme athleticism is inspirational.

The status quo of outdoor adventure is that to be inspiring or notable, a feat must push the furthest boundaries of our sport. This emphasis on the “extreme” may be aspirational, but it also poses a barrier for those newer to or who have lives outside of their outdoor pursuits. How can we ever achieve such extremes? And how can our stories of not-so-monumental achievements be worth sharing?

While aspiration towards bigger goals is important, we also draw inspiration from each other, from friends, and from others whose names you’ll never hear in the magazines or movies.

We're two girls (and a bad ass little dog) on a quest to find the extraordinary in the “ordinary;” to prove that what’s possible for the “rest of us” is also inspiring. We've chosen a ticklist of multipitch, traditional 5.9 climbing objectives that push our own boundaries and we’ll be sharing the adventure through storytelling and our ill-advised, amateur experiments with video.

We’re giving daydreams a run for their money. Now let's go play outside. We'll be travelling solo in tandem, and you're invited to share the fun.

What we're going to share
Our planned deliverables for Solo in Tandem include:
Even though we're starting this project under a "new" name, we will have significant, well-targeted traffic based on our existing web and social properties which include:

  • 3,000+ visitors/month and 7,000+ pageviews/month at rockclimbergirl.com
  • Over 5,000 combined followers on Twitter
  • And more than 2,000 Facebook friends

Even before the first post on solointandem.com, we have a potential audience of nearly 10,000 well-qualified viewers who will be strongly interested in and supportive of this new project. Additionally, we can count on support and promotion from our extensive network of outdoor participants and industry friends, and we'll build new relationships with other influential avid recreationalists to increase our exposure.

At this point, we're more interested in climbing and training (and let's be honest, it's ski season) than seeking sponsorships. That said, we'd love to give exposure to a select number of products and brands that we use and love through product placement, mentions and gratitude via our online properties, and gear reviews. We would be stoked to have your support, so please contact us for more information about gear-only sponsorship opportunities.

About Solo in Tandem
This project is a collaboration between Sara Lingafelter and Teresa Bruffey. Learn more about us and follow our adventure:

http://solointandem.com * Twitter:  @solointandem * Email: solointandem@gmail.com

We are excited to have been featured in the Dirtbag Diaries episode Buckle Down: The Year of Big Ideas!